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Company Profile

A newly established Infrastructure Company it has a unique approach to business practice and development in the Business world. Luthra's objective is to drive the transformation and growth of Gujarat, through infrastructure development based on the Private Public Partnership concept. As one of the few focused infrastructure companies based in the region, the Luthra Group holds a strong vision for the future of the State as it concentrates on core infrastructure projects in main sectors which include Power & Energy, Industrial Infrastructure etc. The group has aligned its business model and goals with the economic philosophy espoused by the government of Gujarat, which seeks to build the country's infrastructure at a rapid rate while applying a hand-in-hand approach with the private sector to ensure long-term development, technological prowess and sustainability.

In a strategic and joint-venture partnership, the Luthra Group realizes the business potential of the private sector for the enrichment of the public good. From this perspective the group seeks to develop an entity that has a national outlook, a regional dimension and first-class economic horizon.

The common amenities that are available include a Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Waste-to-Energy Incinerator, Water Supply System, Captive Power Plant, Roads, Street Lights,Green belt and a Centre of Excellence to house Design Centre, testing Laboratories, Product Development Centre, Bank, Restaurants etc. Other facilities also include a warehouse, worker canteen, training centre and fuel station.