What is it?

Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)

The CETP is located in the Gujarat Eco Textile Park at Village Baleswar, Palsana Crossing on Mumbai-Surat NH-08. The capacity is 60 MLD expandable to 100 MLD. The peak load handling capacity is 72 MLD as against an installed capacity of 60 MLD. The plant is having EC Clearance from Ministry of Environment & Forest for 100 MLD, NOC from GPCB for 100 MLD and CC&A for 60 MLD. The plant is designed with SBR Technology to treat the effluents in a single stage fully automatic system. It is based on cyclic activated sludge technology which is a modified version of SBR system.

  1. Primary treatment Steps
    • Mechanical Fine bar screen.
    • Equalization tank.
    • Primary treatment using sludge blanket clarifier.
  2. Secondary Biological Treatment
    (Single stage basins using Cyclic Activated Sludge Process)

    • Fill.
    • Aeration.
    • Settlement.
    • Decanting.
  3. Sludge handling and dewatering
    • Sludge sump & pumps/misers.
    • Filter/Belt press.